Carrots of Ispica

The main product of the economy of Ispica carrot is the novel that obtained the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) in 2011. The carrot was always the culture more than Fonteverde Consortium Representative

There are two lines of the plant dedicated to processing carrots ( 85,000 products, from February to May collection), modern and functional facilities combined with technologically advanced machines for weighing and packaging the same (trays, bags).

The carrot is a veritable treasure trove of minerals and is a food with high vitamin content useful for children, adults, seniors and convalescents.


Excellent product also appreciated beyond national borders


Cultivated exclusively in protected environment, with transplants that begin in mid-July and are completed in late October


Members specialized in high quality productions.


Two more of the plant lines are devoted to the processing of washed and raw potatoes.


Melon with unique and incomparable organoleptic characteristics, grown in the splendor of the Sicilian land, which guarantees a long shelf life, a product of true excellence.
Watermelon exclusively cultivated in tunnels, the product of which you invest in research and innovation.
Investigational watermelon seed-less varieties. Table grapes, Victoria variety, valued for its early ripening.
Clusters with substantial berries, yellow-green color, crisp flesh, pleasant taste.
New investments planned for this crop to increase volumes and maintain high quality standards.

Calendar of crops

The table below shows the growing cycle of the main products grown and marketed by members dall'O.P. Fonteverde. The cultivation plan also provides for the production of TOMATO, high quality product in the cultivation of which some members are specialized.