The OP Fonteverde Consortium aggregates several farms operating in the provinces of Ragusa and Siracusa. The Fonteverde Consortium was established in 2004 by the will of a group of Sicilians, entrepreneurs active in the fruit and vegetables sector for over 20 years, who understands the opportunity to aggregate to its Association of farms already existed for several years (the Fonte Verde Farms Associate), a group of local producers to give life to an organization of producers.

The Fonteverde Consortium with D.D.S. 14 of 14/01/2005 is recognized by the Sicilian Region “Producers Organization”.

The Fonteverde Consortium aims, in the exclusive interest of the consorziati, to organize its producer members, to plan the production of the same, to enhance their products, in quantity and quality, to market the products of the members ensuring maximum profitability.


The Consortium operates more than 900 hectares of land in two provinces of South-East of Sicily: 55% of areas in the Ragusa area, 45% in the Syracuse area, the island of areas particularly suited to horticulture .


The main facility, where is located the headquarters of the Consortium FONTEVERDE, develops over a total area of about 38,000 square meters, a short distance from the town of Ispica, province of Ragusa. The property consists of a main building of 4,500 square meters, which is the warehouse for washing, processing, packing of fruits and vegetables. Inside, there are areas for cold rooms, with modern and functional facilities, combined with technologically advanced systems for processing, weighing and packaging of fruits and vegetables.

The second property, located near the coast of Santa Maria Focallo, is characterized by its large photovoltaic system. It also has large cold rooms (there are 2 580 m² and 1390 m² 1) and a preparation room of 3,000 square meters where there are other equipment and machinery for produce grown by our members.